About Us

Formed in 1989, The Cayman Culinary Society (CCS) is an organisation of professional Chefs and Food & Beverage personnel whose aim is to promote the Cayman Islands Food & Beverage Industry.

CCS hosts an annual culinary competition each summer. The three day event is open to the public and includes a live cook-off to identify the chef of the year. There is also an ice carving and bartenders competition, as well as a large trade show. In 2010, the Society introduced a gala dinner on the final evening. This gala showcased the winners of the event and attendees enjoyed tastes of their winning dishes as well as other items cooked table side. The Society selects its Cayman Islands National Culinary Team from this event, which competes annually in the Caribbean Championships. The association boasts 15 years participation in this event and has earned a medal every year.

The Cayman Culinary Society hosts several fund raising dinners each year as well as organising training seminars for local chefs and sending member chefs overseas to perform at trade shows and media events.

The society is also active in the field of education, through lectures and demonstrations at local schools and at the University College of the Cayman Islands.